SmartBiz Pricing

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Software License

One App


  • For one app only, unlimited users

  •  Odoo Online



user/ month
  • All Apps
  • Odoo Online



user/ month
  • All Apps
  • Odoo Online/ On-Premise
  • SmartBiz custom
  • Multi-Company , External API                  


Services Unit Price (Hours)
1. Advise
1-1. Consultants 500.000 VND ~ 800.000 VND
2. Software Custom
1-1. Senior Developer 300.000 VND
1-2. Expert 350.000 VND ~ 500.000 VND
3. Deployment
System setup, data initialization, training and user manual 300.000 VND ~ 350.000 VND
4. Server  (for Software Custom)

4-1. Cloud Server Rental
Depends on software requirements. Contact us for a detailed quote 
4-2. On-Premise
Contact us for system consultation and quote
4-1. Direct training and instruction
300.000 VND
4-2. Online training and tutorials (Skype, Teamviewer, Zalo, Viber)
250.000 VND
6. Support & Maintenance 

6-1. Support & Maintenance Normal maintenance fee 15%~20%/year software deployment fee

Please contact us for advice, discuss details and price list.

50,000+ Businesses are using the system to grow their business.

Any Question?

What do I need to prepare before deploying the software

The basic steps to prepare before deployment are:

* Customer assigns, arranges Team/Department or person in charge of customer's software project

* Time resources to prepare information, coordinate and respond to requirements, and validate implementation and test results...

* Procedures, policies and documents related to the application to be implemented

* Infrastructure (if deploying on an on-premises server)

How long does it take to deploy the software?

Usually SmartBiz deploys from 2~4 weeks/software application. The specific time depends on the size of the business, the scope of the application the business needs to deploy, and the internal resources involved in the implementation process.

SmartBiz has support levels including

Basic support: during office hours, online support for customers who do not have custom issues.

Advanced support: Basic support and extended customer support time and location.

In which case is the SmartBiz deployment package used?

We will initialize the software (including setting up the software and instructing you to use it). In case you do not implement it yourself such as: setting up the system according to your process, initializing data, you should consider using SmartBiz deployment service

These packages do not include:

  • Host on Cloud SmartBiz or on On-Premise Server for custom development (free hosting on Odoo Online)
  • Deployment service and access to expert services of SmartBiz
  • In-app purchase credit: SMS, auto-complete contact, lead generation, IA to scan vendor bills and expenses.

You can completely install additional (basic) applications without paying for software fees. However, if you want us to support the implementation, you can refer to the deployment fee as on the Web.

You can completely buy additional users during use.  User purchase fee will be calculated based on initialization fee (if any) and storage fee

You can refer to the software customization fee on the website. In addition, the software needs to be installed and the data is stored so please refer to the deployment fee and rent or buy the server.

Cloud deployment: the software is deployed on SmartBiz's cloud computing platformThis option is often suitable for businesses with less than 50 people, helping to save initial investment costs in hardware and software for the server and operating and maintaining equipment costs.

Deploy on an on-premises server: this option is usually suitable for businesses with more than 50 people, with an IT department to administer the system to help businesses take the initiative and control the system at the enterprise.

Your data will be stored on a server system at SmartBiz's international standard data center, backed up regularly. The system is managed and committed to ensure good operation.

SmartBiz's system is very flexible, you can completely convert data from the cloud to the on-premises server and vice versa if your server meets the infrastructure requirements.

In order for the system to work well in addition to the costs associated with customizing the required software (if any) and the cost of implementation, you should consider the system maintenance fee if you do not have an IT department to support after deployment. .