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Manufacturing (MRP) + Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) + Quality + Maintenance

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Smart manufacturing platform from manual to automatic

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Lập kế hoạch chính xác dựa trên số liệu thực tế về thời gian sản xuất.                       


Display spreadsheets,
quality warnings for workers during operation.


Manufacturing,Quality, Maintenance and PLM are fully integrated. 


Automation of production machinery. 
Real-time data capture from your production equipment   


Work center dashboard: Time tracking. Display spreadsheet. Production registration 

Manage Orders/Work Orders

Orders Manage from Purchase Orders to Work Orders by automated or manual assembly lines.

 Production order

Automatically create production / re-supply orders... items, materials (NVL) needed to complete the product. It is possible to edit/add NVL generated during production.

Manage repair of covered products or provide repair/Warranty services.

Use barcodes to speed up production:  scan product batch or serial number, start/pause/stop a stopwatch, trigger a maintenance request, go to the next step, etc. ..   

 NVL recovery/disassembly on finished products 
Easily create disassembly orders for finished products to recover NVL or production components.

Schedules and Plans


 Production planning

Get an overview of your entire plan and easily reschedule production.

 Arrange work orders

The software allows access to all available resources and plan with your production.

 Sort the list of materials

Track the availability, inventory of items in the Warehouse, and lead times.

 Job Control Center

MRP scheduler to schedule jobs at each work center, based on their OEE and production capacity.

Overall Data Management

 Manage multi-tier NVL norm list

Easily create and track Norms for each finished product, semi-finished product, auxiliary materials...

 Manage changes in production version

Allow your product to evolve into different versions to accommodate the versioning option when creating an order.

 Optional routing

Create and configure routing for orders to line up the production chain depending on your business's routing.


Using the Kits feature, salespeople will be able to sell delivered products as kits for assembly.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Manage engineering changes efficiently with real-time communication.


 Create versions

Easily track changes, differences between versions


Keep track of product and ECO versions and corresponding documents. Merge different ECOs using the same BoM.

Thay đổi kỹ thuật

Follow the process of creating technical changes on the Kanban interface for ECOs.

 Document Management

Store planning data, spreadsheets directly on the BOM, and routing and quality related documents.

Quality management

Quality alerts right from the Center console. Improve communication and save production time to improve quality.

Quality control point

Automatically activate quality control activities at stages in the production process by:

Define a quality control plan  to trigger inspections at inventory operations: receiving and final inspection or production operations: in-process inspection.

Set up process from A to Z  and check on quality control plan.  

Manage and track the  production part approval process (PPAP). Statistical Process Control (SPC). Attach failure mode and effects analysis (PEMEA) documents to the routes.

Warning & Quality Check

The streamlined Kanban interface helps you see quality alerts during production. Drag and drop alerts to report progress and use visual indicators to focus on important alerts.

Use tags to group quality alerts and create rules to automate alerts or actions. Group by recipient: designer, supplier, process; On-Demand Grouping: Customers, Mainstreams, Substreams and more.

Check quality

Easily deploy control of your statistical process with different test modes.


Automate preventive maintenance. Increase the overall efficiency of the device. Optimizing operational productivity to keep business operations continuous.

Preventive maintenance

The software calculates standard statistics to help you plan preventive maintenance, including mean time between failures (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR) and expected date of failure. next failure, and allows you to automatically schedule measurement and preventive maintenance.

Easily track the progress of maintenance requests using the Kanban view and use the drag-and-drop interface to quickly organize maintenance requests.


Manufacturing departments can trigger maintenance requests directly from their work center console. Maintenance activities will be updated in real time thereby reducing downtime and increasing overall equipment efficiency.

Get calculated maintenance statistics such as MTBF to reduce the risk of equipment failure.

Monitor performance with dashboards.

Easily create custom KPIs in just a few clicks.

Control Center & Reporting

All the data you need is at your fingertips.

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Control Center




Put a tablet on each work center to stay organized

 Record the production

Register production, scan product, lot or serial number.


Display the spreadsheet directly on the computer with instructions for the operator.

 Other activities

Eliminate defective products, generate quality alerts, and perform productivity checks right from the work center.


Use alerts to show changes or check quality to the operator.


 Seek an origin

Get a full upstream tracking report on components used in the manufacturing process.

 Cost Analysis

Track the cost of each production order by cost of components and operating costs (labor or material)

 Overall efficiency of the device

Analyze production unit capacity, yield loss, and monitor overall equipment efficiency (OEE) 

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